Tips to Writing a Perfect Thesis Statement

What thesis should I use in this essay? Does this thesis fit the topic of discussion? When writing the line of argument for your essay, you will often face these questions. To answer these questions, we have written an article that will help you write a thesis for your essay that is perfect. It contains a step-by-step guide to creating the line of argument for your paper. After reading this article, you will never be troubled by a thesis again.

Explanation of a thesis statement

The thesis is written in the first paragraph and brings out the purpose of the essay. It is written in a single line and summarizes the intention of the writer of the paper. It makes sure the reader is not confused when diving into your essay and gives them a sense of direction.

Tips to help you write a perfect thesis statement

  • Do not make the line of argument broad

Try and find a thesis that is not broad. A broad line of argument might lead to you trying to justify many points at once. Instead, search for a simple topic of discussion. One that does not carry a lot of weight in it. Instead of taking the whole environment, pick one environmental factor and argue it out.

  • Your argument should be brief and accurate

Argue your thesis with brief but accurate sentences. In most cases, the amount of words is limited. In such cases, the writer is supposed to explain the purpose of the thesis briefly.

  • Make your bold stand

Come up with a thesis that brings about an argument between you and the reader or other people. A bold thesis helps you bring out an engaging essay that catches the attention of the reader.

  • Think of your thesis

When the reader sees the thesis of the paper, he comes up with assumptions. Brainstorm the possible assumptions, and then put them into consideration when coming up with the thesis statement.

  • Put your thesis in plain sight

Do not try and hide your thesis. Write it at the beginning of the essay. And make sure it is readable. Do not use complicated language that the reader might not be able to understand.

Thesis statement types

  1. Argumentative. Such essays require the writer to create an argument then persuade the person reading the paper to side with them. The thesis should bring out the argument clearly so that the reader is not confused.
  2. An Analysis Essay. In such an essay, the writer is supposed to bring out their understanding of a specific topic. The thesis should hence bring out the topic of analysis.
  3. Explanatory Essay. As the title states, this type of essay is supposed to explain the occurrence of something. The thesis should hence bring out the topic that you are trying to explain. It centers the reader’s mind into the points that you are discussing.
  4. A personal writing. When told to write an essay about your own experiences, make sure the thesis species your experience. It focuses on the revelation of a person from a personal experience. So in the thesis, state the agenda of your discussion.


A thesis is very crucial in any essay. It not only gives the writer a sense of direction while writing. But also tells the reader the main point of the paper. A writer should hence study the art of writing a perfect thesis for the essay. All the guidelines that we have discussed will help you in your thesis creation journey.

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